Carnival of Hope – due for publication 20 November 2011

Today, Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But in the 1990s, only a few years after the book burning military dictators returned to their barracks, the country Carnival of Hopeexperienced severe economic stagnation with hyperinflation running at six thousand eight hundred per cent a month at its height (yes, that is 6,800% a month, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes).

The Northeast of the country, which had long been poorer than the industrialised South, was worst hit. As in the years of drought, many from the Northeast headed South—much like the migration from the Southern States of the US in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Carnival of Hope, my second published novel, is set in this environment a few years after the worst of the economic crisis. Tomas and Thereza live in one of the Northeast shanties, and whilst Thereza is desperate to head south to try their fortunes, Tomas is intent on building a life in the Northeast. But events conspire against them, and when they become ensnared by people traffickers, they are taken on a thrilling adventure that neither of them could have dreamed.

You can download the first 3 chapters of Carnival of Hope from its dedicated page, and I hope you’ll be back to purchase the full book from Amazon, Smashwords or another online retailer, so that you too can dance at carnival this season, but beware of the real prize that awaits you!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about how the research for Carnival of Hope relates to certain scenes in the book. There will also be competitions to win copies of the book, and if you would like to be notified, please sign up below.

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About georgehamilton

George Hamilton likes to know what’s going on around the world, to delve into the customs and practices of different cultures, and this is often a feature of his novels. His tales are based on people's intense personal or family dramas, with major social or political events strongly impacting their story. In addition to World Literature, he also writes multi-genre novels which include: Historical, Suspense/Thriller, and Contemporary. He currently lives in London, England.
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