The lady said no! Get used to it. (Includes Goodreads giveaway)

One morning earlier this year, I left out very early again, to plant information sheets about my then new eBook, The Disease, inside free newspapers at train stations (shhh, I won’t Disease_308x224tell them if you don’t). On my way to one station, I saw a lady on a bus reading from her kindle. Perfect opportunity thought I. “I’m sorry to disturb you,” I said, “you may find this interesting.” I offered her one of the information sheets.

“No thank you,” she said, and continued to read from her kindle.

Now it was a perfectly respectful no, but for a few moments, I felt disappointment curl up to hide in some recess of my stomach. But why, I asked myself, when I am used to giving out noes every day of my life? When I am pursued by those streetwalkers wearing their colourful bibs and wide grins, propositioning me to sign up for new monthly payments to another charity, or their broadband flogging cousins, I put on my John Wayne walk and have my noes loaded up like bullets in a pistol clip, one round sitting in the chamber of my mouth ready to be fired rapidly. These charity workers seem to deal with it well enough, albeit their roughly pasted on smiles seem like the type that’s practiced in a hand-held mirror at home before they leave out in the morning. But I think I understand: the more noes that you get, the less it bothers you, and the more rewarding the yeses. So I’ll continue handing out my information sheets, and will no doubt hear many more noes, and hope that I can reach the point where they don’t bother me at all, because when you are offering something new, you should expect to get some noes.

There are 10 copies of The Disease up for grabs in the Goodreads competition giveaway. I hope you’ll say yes and enter the competition at to win a copy.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Disease by George  Hamilton

The Disease

by George Hamilton

Giveaway ends November 21, 2013.

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at Goodreads.

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About georgehamilton

George Hamilton likes to know what’s going on around the world, to delve into the customs and practices of different cultures, and this is often a feature of his novels. His tales are based on people's intense personal or family dramas, with major social or political events strongly impacting their story. In addition to World Literature, he also writes multi-genre novels which include: Historical, Suspense/Thriller, and Contemporary. He currently lives in London, England.
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