Book review: Because We Are – A novel of Haiti by Ted Oswald 5*

I learned about “Because We Are”, a novel whose profits are going to help Haiti NGOs, when I read the blog post about its author Ted Oswald signing with Amazon on David Gaughran’s website, and I am so glad I found it. Many of us have followed the news of the Because We Are_covermany natural and man inflicted tragedies that have befallen Haiti in recent years: earthquakes, cholera, corrupt governments. Because We Are, a compelling story of Haiti, puts many intimate human faces to those news reports. At the heart of the story are two children, headstrong Libète and clever Jak, who attempt to solve the murder of a young woman and her baby from their community. But this is also a sweeping narrative of how Haiti and its people have come to struggle so, of the corruption, the criminal elements, but also the many individuals who try in their own way to improve their country. At times Libète and Jak read older than their actual ages, but children in developing countries who have to fend for themselves often have to grow up quickly. This is a riveting novel that will be enjoyed by those who enjoy a mystery, but also those who like a sophisticated literary novel, and I would highly recommend it. Amazon is to republish the book early next year, so I would grab a copy quickly before the price increases.

Because We Are is available at Amazon


About georgehamilton

George Hamilton likes to know what’s going on around the world, to delve into the customs and practices of different cultures, and this is often a feature of his novels. His tales are based on people's intense personal or family dramas, with major social or political events strongly impacting their story. In addition to World Literature, he also writes multi-genre novels which include: Historical, Suspense/Thriller, and Contemporary. He currently lives in London, England.
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