Carnival of Hope

Carnival of Hope

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Tomas is a poor idealist forced to teach in secret, and reluctant to abandon his mother. His girlfriend Thereza is a determined young woman, desperate to escape the struggles and tragedies of a dangerous Brazilian favela, by entering a carnival competition offering hope of a better future in the South.

But evil traffickers lie behind the sinister practices of carnival. And death has been the prize of former winners who have disappeared.

The route out to a new life is not as easy as it appears, and as the competition spirals into a corrupt and perilous deception, it plunges the young loves into a fight for their lives.

Word count: 107,000

Carnival of Hope – Download Chapters 1-3

Author’s research notes:
Author’s research notes: Carnival of Hope – How was the north-eastern shantytown depicted in the novel created?

Author’s research notes: Carnival of Hope – The women’s rich sexual banter


‘I found this book extremely compelling and intelligently written. I highly recommend this book to all readers who want to be immersed in a story that will take you on a journey that you would otherwise never have taken.’
(Marilou George’s full review at Goodreads)

‘In the end, CARNIVAL OF HOPE is a love story that examines a society, warts and all, with an ending that allows room for the reader’s imagination and sense of wonder. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be immersed, not only in a love story, but in the culture of the Brazilian favela during carnival season, the superstitions and longing of its people.’
(Susan Russo Anderson’s full review at Goodreads)

‘Tomas in his heart is a good person, but who knows how far we would be pushed before we do bad things like he reluctantly has to… I was thinking of Tomas and Thereza long after finishing the book.’
(Joo’s full review at Goodreads)

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