Secrets From The Dust

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Snatched from her family during the 1960s, Margaret, a headstrong Aboriginal girl, is fostered by the McDonalds, in the Australian outback, under the government sponsored assimilation policies. She stubbornly fights to maintain her culture until she can escape or her real parents find her. But soon she discovers that she is growing to like many of the customs and material possessions of her captors, throwing her into an identity crisis, which rips another fault line through her world. By the time she grows into a beautiful young woman, she has already suffered the disappointments of unrequited love and a forbidden desire. Encouraged to hide behind the identity of a Southern European, the highly charged political environment of the time, and her love for a political activist, forces her to confront her true identity.

Secrets From The Dust – Download Chapters 1-3Reading Guide

Author’s research notes @ Goodreads and here:

Author’s research: Secrets From The Dust – The capture of the children

Author’s research: Secrets From The Dust – The denial of food and visits by Inspectors of Homes

Author’s research: Secrets From The Dust – The loneliness of the outback for European women

Author’s research: Secrets From The Dust – Australian Aboriginal Civil Rights Movement

Author’s research: Secrets From The Dust – Separation of the races and the settlements

Author’s research: Secrets From The Dust – The Australian Outback


4/5* ‘Harrowing, beautiful and thought-provoking, Secrets From the Dust is an impressive novel from George Hamilton. With its shocking conclusion it deserves an audience…’ (Shelleyrae’s full review at Bookdout)

5/5* ‘This one hits on the heart of the dreaming and the repercussions of stealing the indigenous from their “country”…’ (Karyn’s full review at Goodreads)

5/5* ‘…it was a superbly written, thought provoking book that I just didn’t want to put down.’ (Joo’s full review at KUForum)

4/5* ‘The characters in this story all form a connection with the reader. You don’t just read this book, you live it, and that is due to the amazing writing of George Hamilton. …this is an eye opener book that should be read by lots of people as a way to put some sense into them.’ (Guta’s full review at murphyslibrary)

4/5* ‘A fabulous read. Wonderfully written and well researched. I found the character of Margaret an absorbing one.’ (Larelle’s full review at Goodreads)

5/5* ‘This book was very hard to put down once I got started reading… This book is very well written and the characters are so easy to become connected with.I feel like this book will be enjoyed by many.’ (Lynn’s full review at Readers Favorite and

4/5* ‘Secrets From The Dust is a well written book which pulls at the heartstrings… Thoroughly enjoyable read would recommend it to my friends.’ (Rosemary’s full review at

4/5* ‘Secrets from the Dust more than lived up to my expectations… the story has encouraged me to search for other stories of Australia…’ (Gretchen’s full review at Goodreads)

4/5* I loved how the author painted the vastly different experiences of Aboriginal history between rural and urban Australian life in the 50s, 60s and 70s… The book would make great discussion for a bookclub. (Megan’s full review at Goodreads)

4/5* Ok, I have to be honest. I have never read something like this before as far as I am concern and guess what, I like this book. Really…! This book makes me realise that how much you try to be someone else, you are still who you are. (Lolliepop’s full review at Goodreads)

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  1. free2soar says:

    I heard about “Secrets…” from Chicki Brown on Twitter. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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