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A forceful review for Road to Rebellion

Confessions of a Reader – Book Review: Road to Rebellion by George Hamilton Advertisements

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Author’s research notes: Carnival of Hope – Thereza’s mother trades her to an older man

The way in which younger women were expected to use their sexuality to seduce older men in order to get on in life, was one of the major themes which came across in my research for Carnival of Hope. In … Continue reading

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Do US readers prefer a different cover to UK readers?

I ask myself this because when I recently put up my original cover for Carnival of Hope on KBoards.com, mainly visited by US readers and writers, to get opinions for the paperback cover (in order to do a Goodreads giveaway … Continue reading

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Author’s research: Secrets From The Dust – The Australian Outback

In my research for Secrets From The Dust, the landscape and environment of the Australian outback always seemed to have such a significant impact on the lives of the peoples living there, that I had to treat it as if … Continue reading

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Ebook Review: A Storm Hits Valparaiso by David Gaughran 5/5*

Once I started this book, I just wanted to be left in peace to finish it, and everything else—including preparing Sunday dinner—became an annoying distraction. We have all heard of Simón Bolívar, a leader in the struggle to free Hispanic-America, … Continue reading

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