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What is the right balance between the setting/atmosphere of a novel and the dramatic elements?

In “Writing Fiction”, Janet Burroway speaks of a scene as being like an oyster. The atmosphere and setting of the scene makes up the meat of the oyster, and the dramatic elements make up the pearl. As any pearl diver … Continue reading

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How soon should an author change the genre of their novels?

I am deciding on which novel to work on next, and one of the choices involves a shift in genres, so I would like your help on making the decision as to what is an appropriate time to shift genres. … Continue reading

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To create natural conflict in your story, insert a major difference between your main characters

Shirley Valentine, from the Willy Russell play, is at heart adventurous and yearning for excitement in her life. This is shown best by putting her with an unadventurous husband, and it leads to conflict in their relationship because of their … Continue reading

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